Employment Opportunities

Truck Service Wash Attendant

Purpose: Our Truck Wash Attendants are friendly, outgoing, and have excellent customer service skills. Duties of this position include, washing customer vehicles and trailers, cleaning and disinfecting truck wash station and rain gear/boots, performing daily cleaning and maintenance of truck wash facilities and equipment. Truck Wash Attendants strictly adhere to all biosecurity policies and practices ensuring that truck drivers and other visitors do the same.

Uniform & Appearance: Truck Wash Attendants should adhere to the following personal appearance and uniform standards:

• Employees should present themselves in a clean and professional appearance at all times.
• Good hygiene is required.
• Hair must always be neatly groomed, clean and regularly washed.
• Hair must not be dyed unnatural colors. Hair styles that regularly get into the eyes should be avoided.
• Men may wear beards and mustaches if they are clean and well groomed.
• Be discreet and understated in the application of perfumes and makeup.
• Fingernails must be neatly trimmed and clean.
• Uniform should be clean, complete and without wrinkles, tears or cuts.
• Shirt – T-shirt (no tears or holes)
• Pants – Jeans or Dockers style pants. Must be dark in color and be one solid color. Pants must not be faded, torn, tattered, contain writing, or excessively worn.
• Wear closed toed, slip resistant shoes.
• Jewelry should not be gaudy or large. Earrings are permitted, but must not be larger than the ear lobe. Sunglasses should never be worn at work.

The Employee Appearance and Uniform Guidelines policy provides more detailed guidelines that must be adhered to.

Primary Duties: Employees achieve success in the position by effectively accomplishing the following responsibilities:
• Knows and follows safety guidelines and is alert to and reports potentially unsafe situations caused by employees and customers. Wears and uses protective equipment properly. Continually monitors personal and other employees’ behavior for unsafe practices and takes corrective action when necessary.
• Operates all equipment properly and safely.
• Displays enthusiasm for TA/Petro and our customers.
• Helps other employees when needed.
• Upholds company standards.
• Notifies manager of positive and negative feedback from customers.
• Follows all security guidelines and procedures
• Is alert to helping customers needing assistance.
• Cleans all areas of the facility as directed.

Education and Experience Requirements:
• Meets minimum state age requirements and labor regulations.
• Able to learn light maintenance work.
• Able to work unsupervised.
• Excellent customer service skills.
• Have interpersonal skills to deal effectively with all customers and co-workers.
• Working knowledge of cleaning equipment and supplies.
• Able to effectively communicate in English, in both written and oral forms.
• Must possess a very satisfactory work record and proven to be dependable and an enthusiastic team worker.

Physical Requirements:

Must be able to:
• Lift and carry up to 50 pounds with or without reasonable accommodations.
• Frequently bend, stoop and reach in order to perform housekeeping duties. Must be able to use arms to reach above shoulder/head level. Climb a ladder or “step-up” to reach supplies stored in overhead areas.
• Stand/walk for shifts up to eight hours (regular breaks are provided throughout the shift).
• Perform maintenance duties; cleaning windows, mopping floors, painting, cleaning restroom facilities, etc. Requires strength in upper extremities and torso to perform these physical tasks.
• Reach out, carry and bend to operate all safety equipment, i.e., fire extinguisher, etc.
• Aid and assist customers when necessary – including providing special assistance to disabled guests.
• Operate department cleaning equipment.
• Must be able to work flexible work schedule to include working days, nights, weekends, special events, overtime and holidays as needed.
• Read and write

please send your resume to kyurek@mntruckwash.com